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  • Was the Reframing Fashion photo campaign your personal idea?  

Yes, it was a personal idea.  


  • How and why did the idea come about? 


As a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University, one of my business challenges is to find how Net Zero carbon can be achieved by the university in 2030. 
This has inspired me to embark on a personal journey outside the academic sphere to make a difference within my immediate environment on climate change. 

As a fashion photographer, it is important that I create awareness about the importance of sustainability in the value chain of fashion designers. 
Today's society faces serious issues related to climate change, making it crucial to highlight fashion brands that are making a difference in Wales. I am privileged to collaborate with seven Welsh sustainable fashion brands. 

I figured that if sustainability becomes a concern for every industry, fashion included, we have more chances of reaching Net Carbon Zero. 
Our greatest work is in creating a world where our Values prevail---Thomas Berry 


  • Why is sustainable fashion important to you, and what do you hope for the future of fashion? 

A collaborative effort from the fashion industry's suppliers and customers is required to achieve net zero carbon emissions. It is crucial that people like me play a significant role. It is significant to me because I want more people to know about the advantages of sustainable fashion. It is my responsibility to educate my friends, family, and coworkers who do not yet comprehend the idea of sustainable fashion. I started this initiative because I wanted as many people as possible to understand the value of sustainable fashion, not only in Wales but around the world. The greatest method for me to spread this importance is through my craft, which is photography. 

My dream for the future of fashion is for all global fashion brands to lessen their environmental impact while also being considerate of the people who manufacture these clothes.I wish for environmentally responsible and ethically produced clothing. 



  • What led you to working with Sustainable Studio?  

The only perfect location for a sustainable fashion shoot is a sustainable space. 

Sarah and Julia, two sisters, oversee running the Sustainable studio. At a Taste of Africa exhibition organized by Sharon Kostini, I got to know Sarah, one of the proprietors of The Sustainable Studio. After that, we quickly grew close and started working together on fashion shoots for their Daticloting apparel line. I approached Julia and Sarah to ask if I could use their space for the project when I got the idea to utilize photography to promote sustainable fashion brands in Wales, and the request was instantly approved. 


  • What are the campaign’s aims?  

Through ethical fashion, circular fashion, slow fashion, and conscious fashion, the campaign aims to raise awareness of the value of sustainable fashion. It will also be beneficial to highlight a few fashion brands that are making a difference in Wales. 


  • Where and when can people see the exhibition? 

Urban Crofters will host the exhibition from February 9 through March 9 of 2023. 


  • Why did you think Cardiff-based businesses would be ideal for this campaign? 

My goal is to have an impact on my environment, as I have indicated. I started this campaign with Cardiff Sustainable fashion brands since I live in Cardiff, and I believed it was important. 


  • Is Cardiff/Wales a leader when it comes to sustainable fashion? Is Wales making a difference? 

Cardiff/Wales still have a long way to go. Most Welsh sustainable clothing brands are still expanding, but I think it's only a question of time. 

Wales is indeed having a positive impact. Cardiff Metropolitan University, which was named the top university in the UK for sustainability in People and Planet's Green League 2022–2023, is an excellent example. 


  • What sort of photography do you specialise in and what sort of shoots have you been involved in the past (i.e London fashion week, music videos, weddings, working with Love Island’s Dami) 

I'll describe my work as a blend of editorial and fashion photography. Most of my works clearly communicate a story. 

I worked with companies like Chet Lo, Sohuman, Abigail Ajobi, Joanna Parv, Efytchia, Pronounce, Karina Bond, and Sinead O'Dwyer at the September 2022 London Fashion Week. 

I also had the chance to work with Oxlade, a global superstar from Nigeria who shot the video for his hit song Kulosa in London. 

Dami and I met at the physical Pronounce Whirlpool runway show in London. We started interacting after I snapped a few pictures of him, and they were posted on both of our social media accounts. Since then, we've stayed in touch frequently, and I hope to collaborate with him more in 2023. 

I am also a published wedding Photographer who covered over 30 weddings in Nigeria from 2019 to 2021 before moving to the Uk in 2022. 


Anything else you’d like to tell us? 

I have just completed my photo series titled strength amidst Alopecia which I will be releasing later in the year.  

I also hope to work with more Sustainable Fashion Brands in the UK. 

I am also looking to collaborate with up-and-coming Fashion designers in Nigeria to promote African Fashion. 

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