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My inaugural Solo Exhibition, executed in collaboration with the esteemed Sustainable Studio, proudly showcased an innovative display titled "Reframing Fashion: A Photography Campaign for Sustainable Fashion Brands in Wales." The exhibition graced Urban Crofters' premises from 9th February to 10th March 2023. The body of work beautifully spotlighted seven sustainable fashion brands that are actively contributing to Wales' positive transformation.

These distinguished brands included Daticlothing, Boutique De Nana, Georgia Wintle Ophelia Dos Santos, Finelys House, Spare Me, and Meg Hooper. Each brand was meticulously featured, underscoring their noteworthy impact within Wales.

The core of the project centered on the theme of Sustainable Fashion, drawing explicit attention to the profound environmental consequences linked to personal fashion choices. In the face of pressing global concerns such as climate change, the campaign assumed a pivotal role in spotlighting fashion brands that are effecting change in Wales. The imperative to achieve Net Carbon Zero gained enhanced momentum through the campaign's efforts, recognizing sustainability as a pressing priority across sectors, including the fashion industry.

Employing ethical fashion, circular fashion, slow fashion, and conscious fashion, the campaign pursued its goal of fostering a heightened appreciation for sustainable fashion. The overarching intent was to kindle an increased awareness regarding the invaluable significance of making eco-conscious fashion choices.


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