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"Emerging from the rich tapestry of Nigerian tradition, “My Story in Red” is a visual symphony that celebrates the profound love and striking similarities binding our diverse communities. 

Like the intricate folds of a traditional cap, each culture presents a unique identity, nuanced yet harmoniously resonant. Within the vibrant spectrum of red, my narrative unfurls — a narrative that signifies community, history, story, and art.

In a world where variations in culture define our intricate threads, my art magnifies the kaleidoscope of cultures within our community. It's a call to arms — a reminder that in sharing our stories, we unfetter our spirits and inspire those around us. The vibrant hues of red on canvas become the medium through which we articulate our individual journeys, embracing freedom through expression.

My art serves as a tribute to the ties that forged a unified nation — a nation where ethnicity and religion, once perceived as divisions, come together in a dance of diversity. Each ethnic group and culture weaves its own distinctive customs, traditions, and beliefs into the fabric of our collective identity. My story in Red, a celebration of beauty and the opulence of diversity, becomes an ode to the soul-stirring richness that defines us.

Amidst the myriad traditional caps that adorn us, my work seeks to honour the heritage they represent, resonating with the vibrant heartbeats of Nigeria. Through the lens of Red, I capture the essence of unity that transcends our differences, ultimately affirming that it's in embracing our shared history and the tapestry of our stories that we pave the way for inspiration, transformation, and unity."


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